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My kids love the drama club! Maria has been amazing in helping my daughter prepare for her school play...she has given her confidence, great advice and been a wonderful mentor to her. I even take my toddler to the drama club for story time, music and pretend play - he loves it!

-Bree C.

From my son John's first private session with Andy, we knew we'd made the right choice. Andy took the time to get to know John' s interests, goals, strengths, and challenges, before he even started working with him. We really like how Andy tailors his approach to John's specific needs. After each session he provides us with valuable feedback on John's progress and accomplishments, and always keeps is in the loop on what's next. Most importantly, John is excited to learn about something he's very passionate about in a way that's always creative and fun, yet challenging! The Drama Club is a welcome, and much-needed, addition to our community!

-Jodi A.

The Drama Club has been immensely helpful in preparing our kids for their school play auditions. Even more, they played an integral role in our oldest daughter getting into the performing arts school of her dreams. The kids love going to The Drama Club, and every lesson with Miss Maria leaves them smiling, full of confidence, and eager for the next one. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

-Brian M.


Our three kids signed up for a series of classes with the Drama Club a few months ago. We are so happy we invested the time in the classes. Maria was wonderful and made each class a unique and fun learning experience. The exposure to various aspects of theatre was so valuable. The kids learned some skills with improv, how to pantomime, how to read and act out parts of a script, and how to work together as an "ensemble." They even learned what a "crash box" is and had fun learning about how sound effects are used to enhance the texture of a scene. Maria was able to assess and build upon each of our kids' individual strengths so that each one felt like a valued member of the ensemble. The personal touch was fantastic. We would definitely love to go back for another round of classes.

-Stephanie T.

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